Moment with Dr Steve – Number Twenty-four

One Sale – One Million Creatives

I sold a book yesterday.

This is yet a pittance, and at best, a farthing to most.

One sale – a tiny, fragmentary mishap on the cosmic-commerce level.


A gathering molecule that is formed up for the greater cause of, finding, inciting and then activating – One Million Creatives.

The world changed – it is not changing – it changed.


The world changed when information and the consumption of content became commodities.

Your work – buried deep inside of your soul – is then, a particle, a lint of hope – on the global organic change culture.

We are building a ‘GCC’ – ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

This GCC requires your contribution.

Go to…

Engage the conversation – purchase one of the works there – soon others’ works will be featured.

You in…

Travel Far