Negatives Run Fast Again

The push to attack, and then to silence, and then to terminate all Christ-connected, concentrated care is on.

The negatives refuse to relent.

Their intent is to relegate Christ-connected care to the dungeons of hell.


Because the model of care we present is based upon the knowledge that God is indeed the only real healer.

We are practitioners of his care.

We are neither the source of his care, nor the energy behind his care.

We are simple servants that lead the broken humans before us to surrender to God’s greater care.

It is this surrender that the negatives despise.


Because it is the effort – maximum effort – we exert to illuminate human frailties.

No human can heal themselves.

No human system or organic method can bring real soul-healing.

Real, authentic soul-healing originates with the power of God.

God’s presence shrinks, and then ideally squashes the human ego.

As human egos are shredded, humans lean into the larger power of God.

God’s power then is the sole lifeline that brings about, and then ushers in authentic soul-healing.

So then, we push back against the negatives.

We continue to strive and work and clean up messy souls and rearrange poor and even atrocious behaviors.

We tolerate insolence and insults and even personal threats.


Because in the end, we are practitioners of the greater good.

In the end, we are ambassadors, not of our own healing ethos, or method.

In the end, we point people to Jesus – as the only way out.

This enrages the negatives.