The Learn2Earn System

  • Earning requires learning
  • You do not stumble into excellence
  • Managed and systematic approach
  • Remove questions and self-doubt via pre-planned and prescribed methods
  • Daily Grind – and the importance of daily habits that produce daily results
  • Composition – daily productivity
  • Compilation – gathered wool and large chunks of seemingly detached and non- connective tissue threads
  • Starlight – magical moments of insight and rushes of adrenaline
  • Stars align – patterns appear, and patterns emerge and images ‘show up’
  • Images and graphics cling to your psyche and scream to be etched ‘In Stone’
  • Larger Themes and Visceral Adhesion – the glue and stickiness of ‘this is what I have been working on’
  • You as creative genius – the undiscovered genius now takes shape and form
  • The undisciplined you fades into distant forgetfulness
  • You are not the opus of all knowledge – others have accumulated wisdom and teaching that you need and have at your disposal
  • Ego and mono-ism erodes impact
  • God Factor – the ethos of ‘other worldly power’
  • Ethos – the Personal Power Factor – I am a Great Writer
  • Connectivity and cohorts and community – to resist at all cost the bane of isolation and to grasp and welcome the collective spirit of cooperation

Your journey to greatness beckons you.