Moments with Dr. Steve – Number Twenty-one

The Writer’s Covenant – Number Five

Message in a Body

So far, in these tiny, internal excursions, we have chatted through…

  • You as a writer/creative and possessor of these known and unknown internal powers that can alter seascapes and shift terrains

  • You as a possessor of plot-lines and characters that demand attention – and who refuse – many times LOUDLY! – to simply go skulking into the dark night

  • You as a scene construction expert – a living chronicler of places and times and events and settings that are both compelling and then fully immersive

  • You as a Covenant maker – and then Covenant keeper – an Oath Maker of the highest altitude. For the Covenant that you make, and determine to keep is to tell the tale that has been woven into the very fabric of your soul

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Work through each and every one of the previous pieces.

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Pick up a copy of ‘The Writer’s Covenant’, and launch into the depths of soul, and cosmology of composition that is your soul mandate.

On this day, we push into…

Message in a Body

What if…what if…

  • You are given @ birth, and upon arrival a story to tell

  • This story has been hand-selected by the universe and belongs solely to you

  • This story has been held, ‘in safe keeping’, in some universal storage facility, waiting for your arrival

  • All of the experiences, emotions, let-downs, risings, improvements, gigging, throttling and chortling, mishaps and miscues, revivals and reinstatements – what if all of them are the grist of the tale that simply has to be told

  • You are the only person on planet earth that ever is to receive this tale in full, and that can properly record and precisely register this tale – and place it into the annals of human intelligence

  • Your tale is indeed a marker – a placeholder – that others that are yet here, and yet to arrive indeed depend upon for their furtherance

  • Your single, solitary mandated mission is to then, sit your fanny in a chair, grab a beverage of choice, put on some soft music – and start the composition process

Message in a Body

The Writer’s Covenant is built in support of such a premise.


The Writer’s Covenant, is dedicated to…

   “Those writers that are stuck, and had no help, and wished help then would show up.”

Here is your offering my colleagues!

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