Incarnation Equation: Glory of God = Encounter Grace + Envision Truth

Verse 1:14 through 18:

John now presents an argument from experience. These next few verses speak into what he himself (the Aged Apostle) saw, personally experienced and recalled of this encounter. In order to put this into proper perspective, think of your own most important encounter(s) with God. Think and remember the vitality and the vibrancy and the pure, kinetic energy that flowed through your mind, infused your spirit and impacted the remainder of your days.

For the key and vital importance, the ‘sticky’ nature of any authentic encounter with God is that it stays with you. You simply never, ever forget this (or these) moments. This encounter, these kinds of experiences shape and change your thinking. This kind of encounter produces clarity. These images and memories and the feelings they elicit do not fade with time.

John remembered: “The Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us. We beheld his glory. Glory that can be only sourced to the Father. He was full of grace and truth”

We call this: the incarnation.  The very moment-the short window of calendared time-when God became flesh and blood.

John tells us that Jesus ‘became flesh’. This idea is both historical and personal. For the reality is that Jesus Christ assumed human form. Jesus Christ assembled human components and allowed for humans to see and view him. This is an historical fact. But there is also a personal element.

For John, saw, viewed, lived with and bore witness to this event. John remembered this moment when Christ entered his life. Our own journey in life is changed and transformed when we too encounter the historical Christ. For Christ indeed visits and dwells with people in our age.

Christ visits men and women. Christ encounters human beings. People of every stripe, age, gender find themselves sidling up with moments and adventures and calamities that bring them face-to-face with Jesus Christ. How you can know this is truly Christ that meets you is quite simple: John gives a test. The moment, the encounter, the event brims with ‘grace and truth’.

In Christ encounters: grace and truth outshine and override the dim and un-replenished bulbs of self and failure. In authentic Christ encounters, you sense compassion-strike that-you swim in compassion. In Christ encounters-you notice the nova of God. The intensity and expanding brightness of God’s divine light permeates, penetrates and completely dominates your own personal stellar system.

You simply put are overwhelmed. Here are the glimmering guideposts of authentic encounter:

Your universe slows down and time stands very still
God visits you
Compassion grabs and holds your soul
Truth illuminates your mind
Your life is now complete and completely full
Now, the question is: what if you have not ‘had’ such an encounter? My answer is that all of us are to keep pressing deep into God. For God’s Presence truly delivers such encounters. My mind is rather clear on this matter, this is not subject to being ‘purged of sin’. This is not conditioned by one’s spiritual depth or moral ‘rightness’. This is not based upon any ‘pre-condition’ that we might gin up, manufacture or in any way cause to coalesce.

These authentic encounters begin and have as their Source: God Himself. God is the one that determines to send and allow us to be the recipients of such encounters.

Standing Amazed in His Presence…

Steve Bonenberger