Life Equation Series Number Two: Receive + Power = Ta Teknon Theon

Next, John the Aged and Beloved provides us with a series of statements that are at one time the most tragic and defamatory imaginable and then, the most hopeful and energizing that one can ever encounter. Let’s dig deep here and understand the true meaning of rejection and reception.

Rejection of God:

The single most difficult moment in any human’s personal history is the moment that God confronts and challenges them. God brings events, circumstances, ideas and even blessings into our personal lives for the single purpose of causing us to accept him as Maker, Master and Lord of Our Life. How do we respond to such divine gestures?

Many flat out reject God. Many flat out eject God on face value. Many simply crush the move, the unction and the nudge of any divine urge. To do so = pure folly. John lets us know that Jesus Christ walked amongst the people of Israel and Palestine. Jesus Christ flowed forth and exuded the very power, presence and Divine Essence of heaven. And many who connected with and encountered him simply pushed him to the deepest fathoms of their own skepticisms.

Ridicule and redoubts pushed Jesus Christ away from many people. Jesus Christ was the very Maker of these men and women’s souls, minds and the originator of their very essence. And yet…and yet…John tells us…with this latent and veiled sense of sadness that these “Rejectors” of Jesus, ‘new him not’.

Our culture is filled full of men and women who find it vogue and even rapturous to reject Jesus Christ and to eject God from their lives. I find this a marvel. When I encounter such a person, I find myself listening intently to their human-arrogance and divine animus. I wonder as I gaze into their hostile eyes, what in the world pushed them to such intellectual and moral extremities.

What caused such furor and K-OS in their own life that brought about the resultant conviction that God could go and pound sand? What in the world coalesced in their own psyches to bring them to the solid and seemingly unmovable conclusion: that God was to be neither tolerated, nor, welcomed into their very scant and shallow world?

But…To As Many As Received Him:

There are two or three verses in Holy Scripture that I have attached as personal ‘favorites’ of mine. John 1:12 is one of my most favorite verses in all of Scripture. I believe that this verse is a map of how to go about finding the treasures of life and opening up the keys to communication with others.

“But to as many as received him; to them gave He Power to become sons (and daughters) of God…”

Here is a life equation:

Receive Christ + Absorb and Access His Power = Become A Child Of God

There is simply no, more effective prescriptive medicine for your life. Each and every single day:

Receive Christ: welcome him into your daily activities and invoke his presence
Absorb His Power: this is divine energy that imbues and replenishes your soul
Become: notice there is no ‘doing’ here…Become a Child of God
Jesus Christ is the portal to heaven’s resource pool. Your assets deplete daily. Your energies wax and wane. Your mind and spirit can tilt. Your sense of well-being can list and take on water. Your sense of personal balance can distort. Every, single day invoke and impart today’s life equation.

Standing Amazed in His Presence…

Steve Bonenberger