Moments with Dr Steve – Number Forty-six

Biblical Wisdom Number Ten

Life Equation and Human Suffering

Life Equation

Human Suffering =

Uninformed Trauma + Derailing Incidents/Events/Happenings

 + Human Avoidance Strategies + Life-long Stoppage and/or Obstructions

As our days march along here @ “Moments with Dr Steve,” we indeed seek to unpack and then bring understanding and then licks of healing and release to those known and unknown forms of human suffering.

Human Suffering

Human suffering is then the chaos and attending grief that enters our lives – with the strong intention of connecting us to God.

Human suffering has but one mission – to bring us to the place where we accept that God is indeed our source – and our source code for relief.

Human suffering often  comes absent from ‘explanation’.

Human suffering reminds that no human is ever exempted from passing through these wide straits that lead to the ocean currents which are God and his immaculate healing.

Human suffering seldom reeks of reason.

Human suffering suffocates joy.

Human suffering chokes off ‘answers’ – and tilts the bearer towards God as sole sufficiency.

Mandated Mission

If you follow our work, as you lean into soul-healing, you learn that we believe one of the primary elements of human and soul-healing is – mandated mission.

On this day, find and begin to unpeel and then lean into learning about – your mandated personal mission.

Trust me – you indeed have @ least one of these – it comes with you @ birth.

Your mandated personal mission is laced into your human DNA – and it is tightly woven into the intricacies that makeup the composition of what is – by definition – You!

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

We are less-than – until and unless you join the discussions.

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Leave us a note – tell us of your informed trauma – and more valuable information – concerning your ‘mandated personal mission’.

We listen to the laments of humans on mission.

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