Moments with Dr Steve – Number Thirty-seven

The Writer’s Covenant – Number Seven

Let’s Review and Let’s Write!


Start your engines…

Let’s review…

Great literature…

  • Characters – primary and secondary characters and bit-players. Your literature and your story needs hearty and gritty and quirky and then meddlesome – characters

  • Compelling Dialogue – we are going to speak more into ‘how to’ create and build substantive and then driving dialogue as we move through our adventure – for now – listen to how people speak. Hear their intonations. Swill through the filters of your mind their intentions. Listen to what they say, and then, what is not being said

  • Advancing and/or Avoidance – dialogue has intrigue and subterfuge and then labyrinth baked into its recipe. Your story needs deception – and then it needs – clues on how to properly decode the riddles that you are craftily weaving

  • Seize by the Neck – your story needs to be so darned compelling that it quite literally seizes your readers/hearers/viewers by the throat and refuses to let go – or let up – or release them from the maze that you wish for them to stay mesmerized inside of

  • Shock and Awe or Awesome and Titanic! Your true intention – as the story unfolds – persistently swells your reader/viewer/hearer with both awe and then sprinkles of inspiration

  • Images and Metaphors and Abide – your true challenge is to create these visual arcs and these vivid landscapes and these pastoral meadows that compel your reader/hearer/viewer to linger – linger and then abide

  • Home – in the end – we creatives – create ambiance and settings where those who consume our work – find homes

On this day, keep plowing.

Never – ever – give up!

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