Moments with Dr Steve – Number Forty-seven

The Writer’s Covenant – Number Eight


In this slug – this segment of ‘Moments with Dr Steve’, we take a look at – shaky foundations.


We have all played this game.

Some are highly sophisticated at the way they approach their puzzle.

Others – randomly pick bricks and pull them – without a second thought to the potential hazard.

Still others – refuse to play and would rather sit back and watch the calliope of calamity happen in real time.

Writing is a lot like playing Jenga!


  • Imagine lives or companies or cultures of congregations or governments that look highly stable

  • See the tiny fissures that are hidden within the concrete seams

  • Notice intrigue and see what happens behind closed doors

  • Understand that some occupants actually want the building or organization or moment to – crumble and then topple and crash

  • Know that some work hard to drill holes into supportive structural elements simply to watch the system start to erode

  • Know that evil and ill-will slink and slide along in every setting – no matter how strong and sturdy the exterior appears

  • Imagine settings and circumstances where toppling happens – and then decide how or when or why to rebuild the broken world

Writers – think of Jenga!

Impose peril and inject instability into your creative adventures.

Every single piece of literature teems with insolvency.

As you grasp the importance and criticality of swarming, smarmy destructive forces – to the extent that you master these insidious creatures – is the range at which you grow and then soar as a creative.

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

We simply love creatives and love expanding the universe of creatives.

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