Moments with Dr Steve – Number Fifty-one

Moments with Dr Steve – Volume One – Travel Far

It’s getting readied!

And it is tremendous.

It’s not just a ‘devotional guide’ – it’s more of a travelogue.

It’s more of a ‘Hey You! – Let’s Play!’ Piece.

It’s perhaps my best and highest set of achievements.


Because it’s …

  • An Amalgamation  — it’s this concentrated firepower

  • A Compilation – it’s a gathering of my wool – that covers the distance of nearly six full decades of hard and direct and intentional ‘construction work’

  • A Distillation – it’s the essence – the squeezing of the orange to gain the concentrated firepower

  • A Targeted Discussion – it’s a ‘throwing of darts’ at the mind – for the specific intent of homing in on one – distinct – important – fact or assertion – that has the potential to enrich and then empower a life

  • A Global Avalanche of Launched Creatives – our ‘Mandated Mission’ – our ‘Reason’ is simple – Your Life – Fully Engaged and then – Your Creative Mission – Fully Launched!

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Register on the site and pre-order a copy – we are thrilled to be in this place where we are pushing and plowing – hard and steady and deliberately – into and through thorough discoveries that are locked deep inside of the work that I have produced over 40 + years of writing and construction.

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’

Drop us a note – tell us of your work and your effort and your constructive efforts.

We love listening and partnering with creatives.

Travel Far