Moment with Dr. Steve – Number Twenty-one

Gap Moments

Relationships, yawn.

Relationships, cry out for more oxygen.

Relationships, ask and plead for some room to roam.

It is during these yawning moments when either strength or capture retain their powers.

Sometimes, separation and exit exert their influence.

Other times, minimalism and frequency and distance traveled win the argument.

Commitment and loyalties – always the non-glittery glues, bend and crack – and sometimes give way.

I saw this piece on the power of long-term stay relationships the other day.

The author spoke of days of planned – and then co-permitted – pauses.

The author spoke of fidelities that stretch beyond physical intimacies – and then wrap around souls that determine to keep their end of life’s promises.

Gap moments…

We all have these – whether we speak them or not.

On this day, grant you and your partner the value of space to travel far.

And yet, retain the balance of emotional buoyancy.

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