Moments with Dr Steve – Number Forty-one

Biblical Wisdom Number Nine

Full Grace

One thing is certain, ‘church’ is changing – the megachurches never fail.

The megachurches never seem to have to process undo harm.

The megachurches always seem to figure out how to win.

God always pours talent and resources and abundant and overflowing bounties – and countless and copious floodgates of money – into megachurches.

My work always focuses upon those pastors and lay-leaders that struggle and serve in forgotten settings.

My work always directs effort – ‘Max Effort’ – to supporting and encouraging and providing useful tools – to those men and women that toil in the less opulent settings.

My work understands that privilege is not always connected to service.

In our biblical wisdom segment today, we focus upon ‘the fullness of Christ’.

We do so…with the clear understanding – that few right now – feel very full.

Keep plowing my friends – God then, one day – and this I speak as a prophetic voice – notices and blesses and empowers your work.

Fullness Imagined…

  • Sails that fully extend

  • Winds that gently blow and glide ministries along

  • Hopes and dreams encouraged and wholly funded

  • Parishioners with bright faces that smile and gladly receive proper instruction

  • Children that gather ‘round campfires and embrace the gospel of Christ

  • Governments that provide safe passage for all religious instruction

We send – Grace and Honor – and then earned badges of Courage to each of you.

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