Moment with Dr Steve – Number Forty-six

Force Multipliers

As you struggle and as you fuss to find and grow, ‘audience’ – as you ponder ‘reach’ and seek ‘engagement’ – remember to call upon – call upon and then install – Force Multipliers.

Force Multipliers

       “…those intangible, and yet hidden booster-rockets that contain resources and capacity that are beyond your own grasp.”

Force Multipliers

  • Meditation and Contemplation – this is where all ‘Force Multipliers’ are stored. You need to daily – scrape away the weekly or monthly or heaven-forbid – annual trek into these higher callings – submerge yourself into these deepest of oceanic depths – unfathomable resources exist within the corridors of these fathoms

  • Writing and Concept Capture – the meditation and contemplation rise and bubble-up ideas and notions and thoughts and images and poisonous resins – each day – not some days – each day – as you write – you capture these concepts and begin to translate the ‘what if’ – into ‘what now’ – which arcs to – ‘what next’

  • Concept to Brilliance – brilliance and shining searchlight These are what you seek – brilliance and shining searchlight happen as clarity and consistency – and then internal commitment to bring your concepts to the light of day capture and enrapture you

  • Communicate and Build Digital Megaphones – your task is to become a technical wizard – and to begin to speak aloud – aloud and often the concepts that you are entrusted with by the universe

Force Multipliers – God’s real resources that require investigative research and most important of all – time.

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