TGOF Number Two – Flash and his Query

Volume One – Wingless Flight

Does God Catch the Faith-leapers?

Does God catch the faith-leapers?

Does God reward ‘big initiatives’?

Does God notice those who seek to move mountains in a single scoop?

Does God notice those who seek to leap over skyscrapers in a single bound?

Does God notice those who seek to build grand temples in his honor?

Does God welcome those, and hold them close to his bosom who determine his ways matter, and that serving him exceeds the limits of any and all other human occupation?

Does God invest time, energy and monies into those who radically seek to ensconce the Christian faith as primary narrative?

Queue Flash Bastion…

Flash Bastion decided to ‘test his faith to its illogical, and then nonsensical’ limits.

Flash Bastion climbed the holy mountain of God – often on his hands and knees – to summit that mountain – and then take, ‘the leap of faith’.

Flash Bastion, once heralded for his service, now outcast for his faithfulness, decided that his life only had meaning, when viewed through the lens of extreme faith.

Flash Bastion did not recommend his ‘faith leap’ as a prescription, or remedy that others use as template, and then follow suit.

Flash Bastion saw his act of desperation, as then an act of pure heraldry.

     “If a person, test their faith, to its illogical limits, will then, God act in kind?”

I wrote that query almost thirty years ago…

I am still asking the same question and wondering how then, God indeed answers.

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