Moments with Dr. Steve – Number Twenty-two

Emotional Intelligence

Seek, Find and Take – The Genius Path.

I work with troubled and addled humans.

For some reason, God has always – forty years and clocking – had me working with those others not just disregard – they disassociate from.

Why the disassociation?

Simple – the broken humans that find their way to me, have lives that for many reasons and/or causes –unraveled.

Unraveling is not pleasant – and it is seldom simple to either diagnose, let alone treat.

It is this soul-disequilibrium – this internal series of volcanic eruptions – this soul dysregulation, that continues to compel the best and brightest within me – to come forth!

What have I learned this in forty + years of professional service and dedicated ministry to broken humans?

  • All people deserve kindness – this should be a given

  • All people deserve to be treated with dignity

  • All people deserve to be honored

  • All people contain glints and hints – even if varnished and painted over – of greatness

  • All people wish for improvement

  • The addled and troubled do not always seek attention

  • The addled and troubled do not always try to show up as cantankerous and contentious

  • The addled and troubled indeed can find pathways to personal freedom

  • The addled and troubled are then not to be outcast and shunned – but rather, comforted and then challenged to seek, find and then mine their own genius

Queue – The Genius Path – A Map to Personal Discovery

Some time ago, I wrote and authored, The Genius Path. It is perhaps my highest and best, ‘personal reinvention’ offering to date.

The Genius Path contains…

     “…well-defined, well-developed mapping strategies for personal reinvention.”

On this day – Seek, Find and Take, The Genius Path.

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