Moments with Dr Steve – Number Forty-eight

Effete Religious Elites

This sense of elitism in the religious world is prevalent now.

Think through…

  • Mega Preachers and their seemingly impervious and impenetrable religious fortresses – and their accompanying full disregard for human suffering

  • TV Preachers and their capacity to combine up! And swallow every available dollar – and hide and hoard all of these for themselves

  • Overly Pious and their moral protectionism that comes as a direct dividend for their devotion to their God

  • Religious circles where only the most revered and awestruck are permitted entrance – let alone welcomed

America Faces a Purge…

I deal with highly broken humans and frail and frayed families.

My work – and this is human trench work – and then triage on the side of the ditch work – seems to abound right about now.

Do you know what the irony and the paradox is…

Do you care to know?

Most of the people that find their way to me are, or once were all active parts of some religious scene.

Most of the frayed families I work directly with – in therapeutic interdictions – almost all of them – were once highly treasured members of the religious community in which they live.

And then…

Somehow – in this unlikely way – they hit a pylon at high-speed.

My lesson – we better learn compassion – and we better learn it pretty soon.

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

We understand wreckage – and we speak crumpled.

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