Moments with Dr Steve – Number Twenty-eight

The Way Out – Number Six

Dysregulation and Disturbances

As we plow into the mind, how it works, how our behaviors function, how our litany of woes infect and influence, and then impact our decision-making, we turn our attention towards – Dysregulation and their accompanying – disturbances.


Families break.

Individuals fracture.

Please stop with the holier than thou stuff.

(I work primarily with religious – and oftentimes Uber religious – families).

Families break.

Children are at great risk – if I were to suggest to you just five short years ago, that prominent groups would be pushing you to direct your children according to their mandates and punishing you for disagreeing with their intent and their discretion, you would have called me nuts.

Moms and dads are at great risk – the pressures to produce first stability – have never been more leveraged. The pressures to produce familial structures that bend, and then do not break or sever are inordinate now.

Businesses and their constituents – have never seemed more tense-filled. Why? Businesses seem completely unwilling to protect their consumers.

Politicians – who has or maintains any positive regard for these people any longer? All of them seem co-opted and operate vs. the common good.

Religious leadership – seem self-serving and docile in the face of true societal and social inequities.

Queue – Internal Regulation

The solution turns our attention – inward. It seems, without argument, that our efforts simply must turn to our own internal capacity to self-regulate.

How to do this, and just as important, how to instruct our children, or grandchildren how to do this becomes of necessity.

A few of Dr. Steve’s clues and queues to Self-Regulation…

  • Write! Start a journal – do not waste a moment more – begin today

  • Story tell – begin with the ledgering and chronicling of your own personal adventure – capture the mishaps and the mis queues and the moments of celebration

  • Skill Dev – without doubt, the single, greatest gift you can provide for yourself, and then in turn, for your family and community is to find a skill – and build that skill – we talk more of this in future ‘Moments with Dr. Steve’

  • Community of ‘like-minded’ and ‘co-passion-bearers’ – disregard those who disregard you – cease the effort to convince anyone of anything – rather, build community around your skill dev work and interests and efforts

  • The Big Thing – find this! And I mean, now! (The Genius Path is one of your decoder keys here)

  • Study War No More – cease your internal battles and exit all external disagreements – declare, and here I quote Ernest Hemmingway, ‘A Separate Peace’

  • Find God – however this works best for you – find God


There’s always more. But these beginning internal, elemental structures form up complex compounds that provide structure, and then trade-winds that carry souls to pure freedom.

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

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