Moments with Dr Steve – Number Forty-four

Through Gates of Fire – Number Eight

Divine Transference

Moral Trust Fund Recipient

We all know of those who are in the ‘lucky sperm-club’.

We all know men and women who walk in elite circles and have never earned a dime.

We all know those who wander into – or are birthed into – fortunes untold.

We all know stories of ‘Trust Fund Kids’.

In Through Gates of Fire, Volume One – Wingless Flight – we are introduced to Flash Bastion. He is a wholly different kind of trust fund recipient.

Flash Bastion’s birth-parents – his bio-mom and dad – die in a tragic car accident – on the eve of his third day of life!

Flash’s parents – his bio-mom and bio-dad have accumulated a lifetime war-chest and bags of jewels – that contain not material and financial wealth – but rather – moral wealth.

Flash Bastion becomes a ‘Moral Trust Fund Recipient’ on the third day of his life!

Moral Trust Funds

On this day – think through and begin making deposits and building moral value for generations that are yet unborn. How do you do this…

  • Generosity – give to those who cannot in any way repay or restore your own gifts – give with the understanding and the full-knowledge that your gift – as it exits your hand/account – is solely for the purpose of bringing goodness to others

  • Live Small and Extend Kindness – kindle kindness. Seek ways to extend Grace – even to those who you deem unworthy of receiving such divine favors

  • Quash and Quell Judgements and Condemnations – all of us feel the need to exert superiority now and then – moral values accrue as we quash and squash this inner need/desire to exert ‘influence’ and rather seek understanding

  • Biblical Wisdom Fount – the true value-add of ‘Moral Trust Funds’ – are the hidden gems of pure and raw – holy data that people who live lives dedicated to finding God acquire – this takes a lifetime of service and missed-steps and improper decisions – that have to be rectified solely by loss of dignities to fully comprehend – fully comprehend and then properly communicate to others

  • Elevate Christ – the true ‘Moral Trust Funds’ – find as their CenterPoint and then anchors – the love and example and defining work of Christ

Flash Bastion – on the third eve of his young life – experienced a ‘Divine Transference’. All of his parents’ accrued ‘moral value’ – instantly – in the shake of a lamb’s tail – were deposited – at their deaths – into the life of this young child.

The results of this ‘Divine Transference’ carried this child throughout the remainder of his days.

On this day – seek to develop a ‘Moral Trust Fund’ – that upon your demise – exits your soul – and is deposited – instantaneously – into the lives of your posterity.

Jesus said…

     “…store up for yourselves not earthly treasures, where moth and rust do   corrupt…rather…store up for yourselves treasures in heaven…”

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