Days in Full

The volume and intensity and duration of evil that struck me – and then endured, is almost unfathomable.

When I think of surviving such ionic blasts, I am reminded of tortoises that live inside of their shell-homes.

The tortoise learns to weather storms and even titanic-sized, oceanic currents by simply pulling inside of their house-on-back and surviving.

This is what I have done.

From time-to-time, and moment-to-moment, I pulled my head out and saw if there was any sun shining.

This is how I lived during this epoch of great turmoil and tumult.


Now, I am more like the old surfer guys I watch at the beach each morning.

I show up, cup-a-coffee in hand, stare at the waves and gauge the strength and value of the morning’s surf.

I determine if going into the water is of value to me.

Keep enduring.

Keep gliding on the currents that currently ferry you along.

One day, I promise, one day – the torrents cease.

Travel Far