Moments with Dr Steve – Number Fifty

AkelDeema the Saga – Vol One – Kingdom Builders

Number Eight

Confessions and the (Generally) Absent Presence of Compassion

Most people live lives that carry and ferry – buried sorrows.

You understand this – don’t you?

You know the weight and the impact and long-term effect of ‘carried – buried -sorrow’.

In – AkelDeema the Saga – Volume One – Kingdom Builders – there is a scene where one of the characters attempts to ‘lighten her load’ a bit.

Dr. Madrid Castille – nuclear physicist extraordinaire – knocks on Prof Tribute’s flimsy, aluminum front door – that houses him in a rusted-out relic of a one-time travel-trailer.

A travel-trailer that now sits on cinder blocks and is porous against most forms of physical – let alone emotional intrusions.

Dr. Castille arrives with freshly baked, warm and scintillating smelling – cinnamon rolls. The kind of cinnamon rolls – homemade and stirred with love – that anyone would die to have someone bring to their front-door.

Dr. Castille brings the cinnamon rolls as coinage of sorts – a sort-of emotional currency – with the hope that the offering opens up sealed canisters of long-buried – but never forgotten – and much needed – conversations.

Dr. Castille shows up with…

     “…emotional wounds that are bruising to the soul and buried in the deepest of living catacombs….”

Confessional Booths

A confessional booth of sorts emerges in the strangest of places – a confined kitchen nook – in a washed-out and ancient travel trailer – that sits on cinder blocks.

Confessional booths – we all need – and we all seek these.

Confessional booths – what’s buried so deep in your own living catacombs – that needs to see the light of day.

Think through and write down a few matters that – let’s just say – need attending to.

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

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