Moment with Dr Steve – Number Forty-two


Today, we focus our attention on – creativity.

Creativity stems from this inner buzz – this internal gnaw – these hidden inside of the fold of human flesh splurges of energy – that say – “Hey! You! I’m talking to you! Pay attention to me!”

“Hey you! Yeah, You!”

These internal spurts of energy really don’t belong to us.

They might belong to heaven – or – they might just be an unseen cosmic force – that preselects us (you!) as the one that is responsible for bursting forth the ‘thing’.

Unseen Cosmic Force

Some have called this, ‘The Muse’.

Others have called this, ‘Inspiration’.

Still others just call it, ‘An Unstoppable Force’.

For me, it’s much more the last one – the creative power – the geyser of thought and the summons to sit and express – is beyond ‘inspiration’ – it is then, ‘divine’ in its capacity to seize and grab and hold me.

What’s interesting about humans – is that every single person feels this – pull.

This pull – this tug – this summons – is then both universal and deeply personal.

On this day…

  • For goodness sakes – pause

  • The internal pull – that sense of inner compulsion – listen to it

  • Your future – your fate – your fortune – reside locked inside of this internal inferno

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

We wish for you to be a voice that blends with millions of other creative voices.

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