Divine Fingerprints of God

John the Beloved Apostle provided a strong case for God in his description of God as Logos. Let’s review. Logos =

  • God as source of all intelligence
  • God as source of all matter
  • God as source of all cosmic energies
  • God as source of all thought
  • God as source of all divine urges and searches
  • God as source of all relationships
  • God as source of all goodness and moral bounty

Now, let’s examine the very trackable and traceable, non-negotiable divine fingerprints that are indelibly stamped upon all of creation.

Evolutionists would have us believe that birds migrated ‘up’ the evolutionary chain from their antecedents we know as reptiles and amphibians. Evolutionists teach, and believe that birds and all mammals that walk or take flight have as their origin things that swam in the seas and crawled in swampy wet goo.

However, as science and observation techniques and processes improve we discover that the DNA in birds and flying mammals and walking bi-and-Quadra-pods is quite contrary to DNA of cold-blooded species. The principle differences are many and far too complex to outline here. But the principle is quite sound: cold-blooded species do not retain body heat.

Warm-blooded species are built and designed to absorb, maintain and even percolate body heat. These distinctive features are DNA drivers. These are not subject to change, improvement and/or cycles of evolution. These unique separations of species have not changed, evolved, improved, seen any alteration or in any way been ‘advanced’ no matter how many generations you might seek to look backward.

This Logos, or logic or reason regarding DNA can and should be applied when considering logs, or timbers, or plants, or rocks, or any kind of material substrate. DNA is a permanent and highly non-invasive-and firm ‘Non Migration’–architecture. DNA is keen and sharp-edged. DNA is not whimsical. DNA does not seek life outside its own boundaries. DNA does not co-connect and/or alter its substance to meet the demands-either rigorous or passive-of some would-be-intruder.

The DNA of a soaring woodlands owl is quite different-not superior or inferior-to that of the burrowing salamander that is the eye of its appetite.

John the Aged and Beloved Disciple of Christ lets his readers know that God made the world so. God himself infused unique, separating and distinguishing DNA markers into every single particle and sub-particle of his universe. It must pain him greatly to see others try and declare and convince others elsewise.

Standing Amazed in His Presence….

Dr. Steve Bonenberger