Moments with Dr Steve – Number Forty-two

The Writer’s Covenant – Number Eight

Characters and Weird Stuff that Talk to You

In this slug – in this segment – we focus our attention on – characters.

Characters are what make stories vibrant.

Characters are what make stories unique

Characters are what make stories both relevant – and then relatable.


I build ‘character driven tales’.

This means – that the predominant and driving feature of all of my stories surround and are grounded in characters that are both unique – and then mystifying.


Some interesting pieces to think through as you rummage through the day…

  • The Voice inside of your head is real – stop trying to deny this – or worse! Keep ignoring it

  • The Voice is probably – but not always – the power of some character that wants you to pay attention – and then begin to log and chronicle – with the intention of collating its information sets

  • Characters evolve – they arrive as these strange interruptions – and nagging and uncommon premonitions of something that needs to be listened to

  • Characters persist – real characters – authentic and true personifications of some message that simply must be listened to – and then told with precision – keep showing up

  • Characters as Viewfinders – as characters arrive – as they select us to record their antics – as they gain our attention – as their words and ideals form up – as their associates begin to show up in unanimous support – as they shape and contour their appearances – they permit us this strange and wonderful entrance – and then tacit acceptance into their world – (we deal with world building in subsequent chunks – for now – marvel at the truth and the surreal nature of those words)

  • Characters as Career Builders – what is insane – and 100 % verdad – is that as you gain proficiency in telling the stories that are your mandated mission – these stories – and the characters that inhabit and rule them – become ‘Career Builders’ and ‘Fortune Makers’ for you – the creative

On this day…


Get out a pen and paper.

Listen to and begin to heed and become a simple Scribner of and for – the character(s) that is swimming in your ocean – and who is preselecting you – to be a chronicler and then choreographer of his/her/its tales.

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

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We simply love creatives.

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