Moments with Dr Steve – Number Twenty-four

Career Flop

AkelDeema the Saga – Part Five

On this day, we get to plow into my greatest of creative achievements – AkelDeema the Saga – Volume One – Kingdom Builders.

Career Flop

The young and successful, the ardent and capable, the gifted and winsome, the hearty and robust – they do not know anything about ‘career flop’.

Their careers soar.

Dr. Alan Gnown – AKA – Prof Tribute, his career flopped.

Aged out and considered no longer relevant – he is sent packing.

He gets a notification from his bishop that his days of fervor are forever fizzled.

He is sent to the one location that he promised himself he would never return to – AkelDeema – the land of death and sorrows – the place where none dwell.

He is summarily fired – via email – from his suburban pastorate. He is put on a bus and transported to a place where careers go to be snuffed out, and then die.

Ebeneezer Elk Community Church

He studies the denominational, annual reports. He finds the data – data never lies…

  • Twelve members

  • Annual budget — $ 6,000 USD

  • Average attendance – less than fifty per week

  • Building and facilities – lacking and in need of updates and repairs

  • Location – sits across a blacktop, paved, winding country road to a FCC – a Federal Corrections Complex

This is the end of the line for this man, for his career and for his life.

Career Flop

What’s it like when your career flops?

What happens when your world – all of it –implodes on itself?

What becomes of you when no one remembers, let alone knows your name?

What are you – sans – capacity and encouragement and opportunity and then – welcome?

Career Flop

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