Moment with Dr. Steve – Number Thirty-two

Building Great Literature and Capturing Larger than Life Ideals

No one talks about the process.

Few care to hear about it.

For me, the process is everything.

Yesterday, I watched two videos on how nuclear bombs are first conceptualized, and then properly engineered and meticulously constructed.


Process indicates higher intelligence.

Process indicates willingness to try and to fail – with the deep intent to learn.

Process indicates collective brainiac powers – working as separate chunks, and then as a unified unit.

Process indicates larger ideas exist – and that these are first accessible, and then discoverable.

Process indicates that living amongst unknowing humans are super-beings that stretch and crane their minds towards the heavens – in search of the larger-than-life ideals.

Process indicates humans in pursuit of those things that are then beyond their (personal) limited reach – and yet capable of discovery through collective genius.

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