Moments with Dr Steve – Number Twenty

Gospel of John Study – Number Five

Biblical Wisdom – Walking with John

As we march through the initial chunks of the gospel of John, my mind races to what it must have been like for him…

Locked away on an isle called Patmos – now called, ‘The Isle of Apocalypse’.

John had lived a ‘life in full’.

  • Began his allegiance with Jesus at a young age

  • Became ‘John the Beloved’

  • Possessed a personality that burned with a quiet passion for caring

  • Granted the task of caring for the mother of Christ

  • Performed miracles and walked and talked and personified ‘Christian’

  • One of the original ‘sons of thunder’ – his thunder came not from bluster – but rather from the intensity of his relationship with Christ

  • One of the original three disciples – an earliest of adopters of Christianity

  • One who bothered the Roman empire so much – they tried poisoning him, boiled him in oil, and apparently had him oxen rushed – he survived all attempts to quell his message by ending his life

  • The one who received the messages that we are living into this very moment

His gospel is then, a reflective piece of literature. It is filled with insights and wisdom and knowledge sets that come only from a ‘life well lived’, as a constant and determined disciple/follower of Christ.

BTW – he and his cohorts – turned the world upside down – may we go and do likewise.

Let’s dive into the text.

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