Moment with Dr Steve – Number Fifty-one

Beekeepers and Wandering Sheep

 I have a dear friend – she’s a beekeeper.

She cares for bees and protects colonies of hives.

She called me the other day…

She was approaching her apiary – what confronted her – surprised her – and then made her smile.

Whilst approaching her ‘happy place’ – the place where she protects and cares for bees…

She noticed…

Sheep had somehow — gotten out of their pasture.

How does one gather wayward sheep?

Now – there’s a conundrum that modern society needs to provide answers for.

Gathering Wayward Sheep

We live in a culture that – long ago – let the sheep out.

People are scattered.

People are wayward.

People are shepherd-less.

People are – aimlessly wandering – without protective clothing.

People are unprepared for what they now stare-down – and must defiantly – confront.

This culture cares not about you.

This culture cares not about your welfare.

This culture is built upon the shaky premise and unstable foundation that touts and flaunts…

                          “If you have money and power …. You rule!”

Nothing, and I mean nothing could be further from the truth.

Jesus said,

       “What does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, and loses his soul?”

Think that through – and let us know what answer/reply begins to arrive.

On this day – start gathering some lost and wandering and wayward sheep.

You only have an ocean-load of them to work with these days.

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

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