Moments with Dr Steve – Number Forty-eight

The Way Out – Number Eight

Life Equation and Human Suffering

Life Equation

Human Suffering =

Uninformed Trauma + Derailing Incidents/Events/Happenings

 + Human Avoidance Strategies + Life-long Stoppage and/or Obstructions

As our days march along here @ “Moments with Dr Steve,” we indeed seek to unpack and then bring understanding and then licks of healing and release to those known and unknown forms of human suffering.

In this segment of ‘Moments with Dr Steve’, we move our attention towards – uninformed and then informed trauma.

Informed Trauma

As we begin to unpack our human – life! – equation – we begin with the understanding and the full-awareness that – humans indeed have traumatic experiences.

Most humans live inside of emotional universes that suffer from ‘broken compass heading’ syndrome.

To fully grasp and begin to become aware of what ‘broken compass heading’ syndrome looks and feels like – we first must gaze into the hazy and blurred worlds of ‘Uniformed Traumas’.

Uninformed Trauma

      “…by definition – those emotional HIE – ‘Happenings and Incidents and Events’ – that are undefined, murky, linger on and fasten up tightly to the underworld of foggy outcomes and unpredictable behaviors…”

Our goal – our primary mission – is to first expose all whom we encounter to the beauties and the abiding grace and the freeing exhales of – informed trauma.

Uninformed Trauma…

  • Fogs – keeps our minds, our souls and our capacity to be alert and then agile in this dusty world of ‘maybe’ – and its crushing cousin of ‘I don’t know’

  • Hinders – keeps our minds, our souls and our capacity to be alert and then agile at bay – by simply building these internal restraint systems that do not permit us exit power

  • Strapping – keeps our minds, our souls and our capacity to be alert and then agile strapped and harnessed and blockaded from future growth and positive maturity

Our first and primary goal is to ‘Inform our Trauma’.

How we do that – that’s a topic for another day.

For this day: Seek – Find and Take – The Way Out.

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

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Drop us a note – and begin informing your trauma – that its days of regimenting and regulating your mental and spiritual health are numbered.

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