Moments with Dr. Steve – Number Thirty-one

Biblical Wisdom Series

Rescue @ Least One

Lewis wrote, The Screwtape Letters. He created a character, ‘Wormwood’. The older, wiser demon, the narrator of the piece, decided it his duty to teach, instruct and mentor the younger, arriving demon.

The piece is built upon satire and visions of unloveliness. I intend to build a tale of loveliness. Filled with pertinent directives and direct missives – that has as their original intent – to raise up whole, and productive, and then culturally protective young men.

What culture do we seek to protect?

The culture of family – where…

  • Fathers have value and lead their families with kindness and clarity

  • Mothers have value and swaddle their families with tenderness and thoughtful care

  • Children have value and are raised in atmospheres where loyalties and bondedness to their siblings and parents reign supreme

Today, we see – Spiritual Hapiru.

Our proposed remedy…

Young men on mission!

  • Young men on journey

  • Young men on mission

  • Young men who find themselves misdirected

  • Young men dabbling in the poisons of drugs and/or alcohol

  • Young men absent structure and disciplines and therefore lost

  • Young men needing hope

  • Young men seeking mentors – the rudderless ones

  • Young men clueless – how to ‘Up Periscope!’ and find a suitable pathway

  • Young men absent careers

  • Young men battered by the waves of a culture gone absolutely bat-sh*t krazy

  • Young men who defer to higher principles

  • Young men who lean into God

  • Young men who defy the odds and beat back the weaker competitors

Rescue @ Least One

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’

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