Are you a mind-mapper?

Moments with Dr Steve – Number Twenty-five

A mile marker.

We are speaking, the 25th ‘Moments with Dr. Steve’ piece.

That causes me to pause, and ponder…

Do you build mile-markers?

Do you architect and then engineer personal scaffolds that reach to first, the initial rung on your ladder, and then begin to climb skyscrapers?

Do you Mind-map..

Think this through a bit before you quickly respond.

Your answer needs to understand and grasp exactly what it takes, and then requires you to seed intelligence into your life – and then to build a lasting life, work.


  • Zygote – every small and large enterprise, begins with a zygote. This internal speck of ingenuity, that is generally ensconced and then tightly wound with unknowing

  • Questions and few answers – every small and large enterprise contains questions that have few, if zero answers. Especially at the zygote stage of earliest development. Questions and opaque answers are quite common

  • No supporters, lot of detractors – you laugh at yourself. Because lots of people spurn you, and disdain your fascination and preoccupation with what they think, and believe to be – drivel

  • Drawings and images and crude representations – the earliest beginnings clutter your personal space with doodling and noodling and markings and scratching that resemble cave-dwellers of old stick-figures. You are trying – quite desperately really – to figure out, first what this thing is that is itching you so badly. What is this? How does it work? What is its function? Are there others thinking the same thing? Or is this ‘Eureka’!

  • First elements of mapping – as you gain nuggets and particles of clarity, the ‘thing’ begins to explain to you – notice this phrase – you are not in control of this thing’s destiny (nor origin!) – how it is to then exit the birth canal and begin to find the light of day

  • Expansion and working models and developed intricacies – now is when, and for some, this may take years, if not decades to arrive – now is when, you begin to move from idea-zygote, to working model

  • Protections and patents and lawyers and accountants and government hacks – all of these have value and occupy important space-holders. Soon, you encounter these because the ‘thing’, now has: mass + volume + acceleration + impact zones + value centers + constituents + a space of its own

  • Universal recognition – the goal of all ‘things’, is to occupy space in the larger realm of human importance – keep in mind – the ‘thing’ has a beating heart, and a living conscience, and a set of ambitions and expectations that are altogether distinct and separate from your own

We are building a ‘GCC’ – ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

The conversation is less-than until you join in the fray.

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